General Store &

Beauty Salon

For the convenience and comfort of our residents, we are pleased to offer a
beauty salon and general store for residents.

General Store

Shop our weekly General Store

General Store:
The General Store is open on Tuesday morning 10 – 11:30 AM in our Multi Purpose room on the first floor. Residents are offered an opportunity to shop for goodies during this time.  at times this shop is also offered as a Cart program and brought to the units. 

This store stocks:
: cookies, chocolate candies (regular and diabetic choices), hard candies, mints
Savory: A Variety of Chips and peanut butter or cheese sandwich crackers.
Fresh Fruit: seasonal fruit on occasion
Toiletries: A limited amount of toiletry items are available at the store
Our Recreation Team can assist resident with purchasing other items not readily available when needed.

Holiday Fair:
Each December the Recreation Department hosts a large holiday fair with outside Vendors, Food, and a white elephant Sale. A great opportunity for our residents, staff and visitors to get some shopping in for the holidays.

Jewelry / Vendor Sales:
Over the course of the year there is a periodic sale with outside vendors. These are scheduled with input from our Resident Council – Special Events committee.

Full-Service Beauty Salon

Stop by for a Professional Hair Cut

Whether you’re transitioning from a residential home or from the hospital, we understand maintaining grooming standards isn’t just important for cleanliness, it’s also important for self confidence and feeling great! The beauty salon is open weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Beauty Salon is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

** By appointment only. Please contact our Social Work department to schedule your loved ones appointment

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