Chapin Home for the Aging’s core mission is to provide a true home for every one of our residents. We firmly believe that moving to residential nursing care should open new and exciting doors for seniors, allowing them to live their happiest life. Seniors carry with them a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and experience, and each of our residents bring immense value to our community.

About Chapin Home

At Chapin Home, we love hearing their fascinating stories and absorbing their wealth of advice and wisdom. Our mission is to help our residents build strong new friendships, creating countless more fond moments and memories.

Through our rich activities program, we aim to equip our residents with the tools they need for self-expression, allowing them to continue enjoying their favorite hobbies – or even take up something brand new! From creative arts and writing to cooking and gardening, we pride ourselves on offering something to suit every taste. We also host a rich variety of social events for residents and families to enjoy, including our Coffee Café’s, Ladies and Men’s Clubs and weekly discussion groups. For more information on upcoming events, take a look at our regularly updated monthly calendar.

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Your Care Is Our Priority

Make Friends At Chapin

Outside of organized activities, our beautiful communal areas lend themselves to organic socialization and friendship building. Whether a resident enjoys dining with friends or playing a game of cards in the evening, we have a range of comfortable spaces ideal for socializing. For our more introverted residents or those who simply enjoy some quiet time, our community is perfectly equipped with numerous cozy outdoor spots, including our peaceful Therapeutic Garden with a gentle waterfall and serene fishpond. Within acres of beautiful surroundings, residents are free to read, meditate or simply enjoy the picturesque scenery.

Activities & Memory Care

For our residents with memory care needs, we offer a range of activities and groups to stimulate the senses and tap into precious memories. Chapin Home boasts two sensory sitting rooms featuring soothing colors, sounds and bubbles to promote calm and relaxation. Vitally, our memory care program uses proven techniques to enhance cognition in seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Music and pet therapy are also popular amongst our residents, and have been shown to enhance mental wellbeing while providing immense joy and comfort.

Whatever you or your loved one needs, Chapin Home is committed to offering so much more than basic nursing care. With our ‘true home’ approach, we believe seniors should have every opportunity to enjoy the rich and fulfilling retirement they deserve.

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