8 Life Enhancing Benefits of 24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care


For many seniors and their families, making the transition to a long-term skilled nursing facility is a nerve-wracking prospect. But when family caregivers are no longer able to meet a senior’s needs, or if they’re living with a chronic condition like Alzheimer’s disease, round-the-clock skilled nursing could be the next positive stage in their retirement.

Let’s take a look at 8 great benefits of 24-hour skilled nursing care:

1. 24/7 Access to Medical Professionals

One of the most important benefits of 24-hour skilled nursing is that patients are constantly surrounded by physicians, registered nurses and professional caregivers. Night and day, seniors in skilled nursing facilities are in close proximity to experts who can meet their every medical need, help them manage medication, and deal promptly and effectively with accidents or emergencies.

2. Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Seniors who live in a skilled nursing facility are supported daily by professional caregivers. These dedicated teams are highly trained in delivering compassionate support with activities of daily living and personal care tasks like bathing, dressing and using the bathroom. With this expert support available at all times, seniors are able to live an easier life, unburdened by the challenges daily living can present.

3. Specialist Wound, Cardiac or Post-Surgical Care

Skilled nursing facilities are sometimes home to specialist physicians who can care for residents with unique needs. For example, at Chapin Home, our skilled nurses offer an excellent wound care program overseen by a wound care specialist. Many skilled nursing facilities like ours also provide tailored care for patients recovering from cardiac events, falls, accidents or surgeries.

4. Expert Memory Care

As Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia progress, many seniors require support from professional caregivers. By choosing a skilled nursing facility offering a memory care program, your loved one will receive the patient, expert care they deserve. Vitally, memory care skilled nursing facilities often have above average staff to resident ratios, ensuring residents with dementia receive all the time and additional care they need. At Chapin Home, we also provide a range of activities and therapies tailored to enhance cognitive health and quality of life for our residents with dementia, alongside two soothing sensory rooms to promote calm and relaxation.

5. Enhanced Safety Provisions

Skilled nursing facilities are designed with senior mobility in mind. With ramps, handrails, emergency alarms and accessible bathrooms, bedrooms and communal spaces, seniors can live safely and as independently as possible. Skilled nursing facilities also typically have surveillance systems and secured entrances to prevent seniors with dementia from wandering off-site and into harm’s way.

6. Excellent Nutrition

Great nutrition is always vital for overall health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for family caregivers to meet the nutritional needs of seniors with dementia or other medical diagnoses. In 24-hour skilled nursing, residents are typically provided with three meals and snacks daily from a delicious menu, and meals are tailored to their specific dietary needs and preferences. During mealtimes, professional caregivers will be on hand to offer assistance, ensuring seniors get the best nutritional benefits from each meal.

7. Rich Social Opportunities 

Seniors who live alone with complex medical needs often find it difficult to get out and about, and many seniors have also experienced the loss of close friends or a spouse. In nursing care, residents are able to forge meaningful new friendships with fellow residents, skilled nursing and rehabilitation staff and professional caregivers. With a range of accessible on-site activities and groups available, they’re also free to enjoy creative, physical and spiritual hobbies alongside like-minded peers.

8. Skilled Rehabilitation

Seniors living in long-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation care can usually access a range of rehabilitative therapies to help enhance their independence and quality of life. At Chapin Home, our skilled rehabilitation team offers a holistic combination of occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy for both our short and long-term residents.

If you’re a family caregiver for a loved one who’s medical needs are getting too complex for you to cope with alone, skilled nursing care could be the ideal solution for both their health and your peace of mind. If you’re considering 24-hour skilled nursing for your loved one, arrange a tour today and speak to our director of nursing for more information on life at Chapin Home.

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