Regular socialization and contact with family and friends are both greatly beneficial to the health and wellbeing of seniors. This is why at Chapin Home, we always welcome and encourage visits from our residents’ nearest and dearest.

​Visiting at Chapin Home


 Chapin Home continues to follow CDC, CMS, NYSDOH guidelines

Visiting Information  (as of 1/01/2023) 

    • Chapin is fully open; we appreciate visiting between 10am and 8pm to allow resident to rest. Mezz visitors see below**
    • Chapin will continue to offer self-testing at this time, PCR are not required but appreciate if done within 24hours.
    • Chapin will continue to screen and if you’re feeling sick, please defer your visit.
    • Chapin Home continues to require mask during visits, cloth mask is not acceptable.  
    • Non-vaccinated can visit in their loved one’s room if the visit does not infringe on the roommate.
    • Non-vaccinated can visit in the day care when room visit is not feasible.
    • Chapin continues to encourage everyone to get vaccinated and we appreciate anyone who wishes to share their status.
    • All visitors are expected to limit their visit to their loved ones and follow elevator direction signage.
    • Visits can take place in your loved one’s room or outdoors as weather permits on our beautiful patios.
    • All visitors please social distance with other residents and staff during your visit.
    • Visitors please be sure to inform security when you are leaving for the day and sign out of Kiosk.


    ** Mezzanine remains Chapin Homes most unique unit and we continue to ask for visitor to loosely schedule with activities. See Below:

    Because of this unique neighborhood we are asking that visits be ‘loosely’ scheduled by


    and scheduling a time between the hours of

    10AM – 12PM and 2PM – 4PM, 7 days a week.

    Someone will get back to you to confirm room availability for your time request.

    Visits on this floor are supported to maintain a sense of ease in this community.

    All these points are subject to change based on the needs of the facility and guidance from

    Federal, State and Local regulations.


    Revised 1/01/2023

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    Visitation & Covid-19

    Throughout the pandemic, Chapin Home has constantly worked to help families maintain close contact with their loved one. We understand the vital importance of family support and offer daily in-person visits and limited video chats on Wednesday afternoons and on Sundays.

    As the COVID-19 outlook develops and changes, we are committed to keeping our families up to date on current policies, ensuring residents can remain close to their loved ones – whether this be in person or digitally. Keeping our residents well connected to family members and friends will always be a key priority for us at Chapin Home, and the events of the past year have only strengthened this ethos.

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