Chapin Home for the Aging is one of New York’s leading facilities in short– term rehabilitation. Chapin Home offers 6 days a week therapy for residents requiring care for multiple medical needs following a hospitalization‚ and prior to returning home in order to meet the needs of each resident.

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Comprehensive‚ multidisciplinary teams comprised of Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists at our Queens facility develop and adapt individualized programs to meet each patient’s long or short–term needs. Our goal is to accommodate an enhanced therapy experience while providing excellent continuity of care.

Our highly skilled Physical‚ Occupational and Speech therapy team at our Queens facility incorporate Chapin’s state of the art equipment into collaborative treatment sessions‚ enabling each of these therapies to achieve excellent rehabilitative outcomes with our residents. Chapin Home’s Activities of Daily Living kitchen allows our therapists to concentrate on ADL skills in preparation for the resident’s successful return to home.

Our dedicated Speech Language Pathologists work closely with individuals who have communication‚ swallowing and cognitive impairments to achieve the highest level of functional outcomes.

Whether a resident is recovering from an accident‚ injury‚ surgery or illness‚ our active and dynamic rehabilitation team will assist them in achieving their rehab goals so they can return home as soon as possible. While we have many patients recovering from joint replacements‚ hip fractures and CVAs‚ we also treat amputations as well as cardiac‚ neurological and pulmonary diagnoses.

The spacious yet nurturing rehabilitation center at Chapin Home for the Aging offers residents access to highly advanced equipment and technology to enhance their recovery.

Under the supervision of certified physical and occupational therapists at our Queens facility‚ residents utilize adaptive equipment and home management skills such as dressing‚ bed–making‚ car transfer‚ stair training and food preparation‚ to prepare for a safe return home. Our goal is to assist residents in regaining strength‚ mobility and confidence in order to make the transition to the home environment.

Chapin Home for the Aging offers residents and families an extensive education program which includes a review of home safety techniques‚ adaptive equipment needs and coordination with family and home care services.

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

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At Chapin Home, we understand the struggles seniors face as a result of mobility issues. Setbacks like falls, surgeries, cardiac events or ill health can make activities of daily living that were once simple feel daunting. Our compassionate physical therapists are here to listen to your concerns and support you in your recovery. We are committed to holistically boosting your mobility, strength and self-belief, allowing you to reach and surpass your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

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Physical Therapy

Physical injury and reduced mobility are common challenges for aging seniors, and ones that can truly affect every facet of daily life. It can be difficult to adjust to a change in mobility, particularly if you’ve been left bedbound or struggling with activities of daily living like shopping, showering, dressing, cooking or cleaning. Fortunately, physical therapy is an effective treatment for a whole host of mobility problems, and at Chapin Home our skilled therapists are trained to meet the unique needs of aging seniors. With years of collective experience, our physical therapy team will ensure you get the most from your rehabilitation.

Whether you’re recovering from an acute illness or injury, or need support in adapting to a gradual decline in physical strength and mobility, Chapin Home have the experts on hand to deliver the targeted treatment you deserve. Our facility is also home to an impressive collection of state-of-the-art equipment to support our patients in their physical therapy journey. With our signature personalized rehabilitation plans complimented by the latest cutting-edge tools and techniques, our therapists are well equipped to get you one step closer to reaching your goals every day.

Chapin Home’s physical therapists understand that every senior we serve has a highly personal vision or desired outcome for their therapy. For example, our short-term rehabilitation patients are commonly in recovery from falls, injuries and surgeries like joint replacements, cardiac procedures or amputations. These patients are often keen to get back to living an independent life in their own home. With this in mind, physical and occupational therapy can be combined, allowing seniors to effectively build the confidence and strength they need for their return home.

At Chapin Home, we understand the struggles seniors face as a result of mobility issues. Setbacks like falls, surgeries, cardiac events or ill health can make activities of daily living that were once simple feel daunting. Our compassionate physical therapists are here to listen to your concerns and support you in your recovery. We are committed to holistically boosting your mobility, strength and self-belief, allowing you to reach and surpass your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

Occupational Therapy

With over 150 years of working alongside seniors, we know that when you’re recovering from illness or injury, tasks that were previously easy can suddenly feel much more challenging. In order to deliver the holistic, lasting care our patients deserve, we help seniors relearn the practical skills they need to live independently. Chapin Home’s occupational therapists will work collaboratively with our physical and speech therapists, arming you with the knowledge, practise and provisions you need to feel confident and empowered each and every day.

For seniors with reduced mobility, activities like making the bed, using stairs or getting into a car can feel overwhelming. When a patient wishes to return to their own home and live independently, the prospect of struggling with these day-to-day activities can be especially worrying. With our excellent occupational therapy program, we empower seniors to carry out activities of daily living safely and with the confidence they deserve. Chapin Home’s state-of-the-art facilities allow our patients to practice integral daily activities in an authentic environment, with the supervision and support of our skilled occupational therapists. For example, our dedicated Activities of Daily Living Kitchen can help seniors practice tasks like cooking, cleaning and housekeeping.

At Chapin Home, we believe in providing our patients with the skills they need to thrive long after they leave us. When a patient’s aim is to return to their own home, physical ability and confidence are both vital, and neither one can work without the other. With our holistic combination of physical therapy to increase strength and mobility, speech therapy to aid communication and occupational therapy to apply these skills to activities of daily living, we can effectively increase a senior’s overall ability to live with the autonomy they desire.

When you choose Chapin Home for occupational therapy, our expert team of practitioners will devise a highly personalized plan of action, tailored to suit your unique needs. Depending on the layout of your home, your own physical strengths and weaknesses and the daily activities that are important to you, we can adapt your therapy to suit both your current and desired lifestyle. For example, if driving is a key aspect of your day-to-day life, we will prioritize car transfer skills, or if your home has a staircase, we will work to build your ability to navigate them safely. Whatever your needs, Chapin Home are here to get you back to living a life as independent and empowered as possible.

Speech Therapy

From the day we are born and throughout the entire lifetime, communication is an integral part of living a happy, healthy life. For aging seniors with a range of physical and psychological needs, speech and communication can become difficult. Unfortunately, this can lead to feelings of frustration, upset or helplessness at a time when effective communication is more important than ever. At Chapin Home, we offer therapy for seniors with a range of speech needs, including individuals recovering from strokes and those living with dementia. Whether your loved one is in recovery from an acute illness or injury, or is with us for long-term memory care, we fully understand the importance of maximizing their communication abilities.

Speech therapy can bring about a whole host of benefits for seniors. For example, working with one of our speech therapists can improve speech and voice clarity, comprehension and expression for easier communication. Vitally, a speech therapist can also assist seniors with chewing and swallowing. For patients with dementia who often struggle with eating, this element of speech therapy can be particularly useful, facilitating better nutrition and overall health.

Seniors who have suffered a brain injury or stroke are sometimes left with conditions like aphasia or apraxia. These disorders can cause individuals to stop speaking altogether, or they may be unable to speak clearly or in a way that makes sense to the listener. These events can also result in difficulties identifying or communicating the right words to describe thoughts, feelings or concepts. Naturally, this can lead to a range of secondary problems for seniors, including feelings of isolation, frustration and an inability to effectively communicate their needs.

Improving speech and communication skills can open the door to a range of other great benefits. With clearer speech, seniors are better able to communicate feelings of pain, sickness or sadness more effectively, allowing caregivers to provide the targeted treatments and emotional support they deserve. As a result, speech therapy can be an incredible tool in improving the overall health and quality of life of aging seniors.

At Chapin Home, our highly qualified speech therapists are experts in providing therapeutic techniques that target the specific needs of seniors. Our team understands just how challenging it can be for a senior to lose their ability to communicate effectively, particularly if it’s something they have never experienced before. By assessing your loved one’s individual needs and devising a detailed care plan, our compassionate speech therapists can offer the vital support they need and deserve.

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