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Chapin Home’s Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants are committed to providing our residents with the excellent clinical care they deserve. Whether a senior is in recovery from a recent hospital admission, surgery, amputation or cardiac event, our skilled nursing facility in Queens can provide the carefully personalized skilled care they need.

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At Chapin Home, we are dedicated to seamlessly following on from the hospital’s care, facilitating a smooth recovery and swift return home. With our wound care, cardiac, surgical and hydration programs, we pride ourselves on offering the targeted expert care our patients need, every time.

For seniors who are bedbound or spend many hours in the same position, preventing pressure ulcers from emerging should be a key priority in any healthcare setting. These kinds of wounds are largely preventable, but can impact greatly on a patient’s recovery and general health. At Chapin Home, resident physicians are guided by our experienced in-house wound care specialist, who is directly involved with care coordination. Our wound care specialist ensures patients are receiving expertly tailored care to support their recovery, whilst providing regular updates to physicians, patients and primary resident representatives.

Alongside our commitment to preventing new pressure ulcers and wounds from emerging, we are also experienced in delivering the appropriate care for patients admitted with existing wounds.

With our wound care program allowing us to continue IV therapy patients have been receiving for wound infection in the hospital via both peripheral and PICC access, we’re proud to boast great successful recovery and no re-infection rates.

Patients who reside with us for specialist wound care can also benefit from skilled rehabilitation, allowing them to return to their previous level of independence once they leave our facility.

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The safety and comfort of our residents is of utmost importance to us at Chapin Home, which is why we have a Registered Nurse on duty at all times. The on shift Registered Nurse is available to meet all our residents’ medical needs and deal with any emergencies around the clock. By choosing our skilled nursing home in Queens to support your loved one in their wound, surgical or cardiac recovery, or for longer term nursing care, you can rest easy knowing they’re receiving the skilled and compassionate care they deserve.

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Skilled Nursing

As a part of our wound care program, we also offer skilled nursing for patients recovering from various surgeries. During their stay, our wound care nurse carefully monitors patient progress and recovery, maintaining close contact with physicians and surgeons as necessary. The surgical site will be assessed weekly (or as needed), and the resident or resident’s representative will be kept updated on their progress throughout. If residents require additional medication during their stay, our skilled nursing team are highly trained to manage medication needs around the clock. The efficacy of Chapin Home’s wound care program is evidenced by our consistently extremely low rate of in-house skin breakdown.

Our staff at our skilled nursing facility in Queens are also trained to provide continuing care for patients recently discharged from hospital following a cardiac event, such as a stroke or heart attack. Oftentimes, patients who are ready to be discharged from hospital still require more medical intervention than what can be effectively provided at home. Chapin Home’s cardiac program serves as a crucial bridge between hospital and home, allowing patients to benefit from the additional medical oversight they need. Our cardiac program can offer valuable support to seniors, boosting recovery and ultimately preventing avoidable rehospitalizations.

With over 150 years of working alongside seniors, we know that no aspect of holistic health should ever be overlooked. Our dedicated hydration program supports the health and recovery of all of our residents and patients. Proper hydration is always crucial, but is particularly important when recovering from a surgery, illness or injury. By working collaboratively with our dietary team, we prioritize our residents’ hydration, in turn reducing the risk of UTIs, falls and unnecessary hospital admissions.

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