Our Mission

Chapin Home’s mission throughout its history has been to provide the aging men and women who have come to live here a true home‚ where they may find the serenity and security that have always been envisioned as essential and appropriate to the latter part of life. Chapin Home has now been caring for the elderly of New York in three centuries. Our philosophy and reputation for excellent care continues to this day.

Governance at Chapin Home

Chapin Home believes that seniors should be able to live in a place where they can enjoy retirement with the security and serenity that they deserve. One goal unites our skilled nursing and rehabilitation professionals: to empower residents with integrated, consistent care that supports their needs. We aim to provide optimal mental and physical wellbeing by offering expert nursing care and rehabilitation in a safe and comfortable environment. Chapin Home for the Aging is proud of its reputation. Our mission is to make a difference in the lives and futures of seniors by providing high-quality care for our residents and patients. We have been serving New Yorkers since 1850, and plan to continue doing so for many years to come. This is why we take our governance here at Chapin very seriously. We know that in order to provide the best care possible we must strive to be the best senior living organization possible.

Chapin Home is a not–for–profit corporation governed by a voluntary serving Board of Trustees.

The Executive Vice President is the Administrator of Record. This position is of crucial importance.

Each Department has several levels of supervisory personnel who can assist with any problems or concerns.

Learn More About Chapin Home

Founded in 1869 by Hannah Chapin, wife of orator and pastor Edwin Chapin, Chapin Home for the Aging immediately established itself as the welcoming and uniquely nurturing home it is to this day, based on one simple philosophy; “what is your need, not your creed.”

Our Values

What It Means to Be Part of the Chapin Family

  • Provide a ‘True Home’. We believe in going above and beyond for our residents, because no care plan can be deemed a success until a patient or resident is happy in their environment. We understand that moving into residential care for the first time can be daunting. At Chapin, we strive to ensure our seniors feel at home as quickly as possible. By providing attentive, individualized care, excellent on-site facilities and a calendar of recreational and social activities, we’re dedicated to cultivating that ‘true home’ feeling from the outset.
  • No Cookie Cutter Approaches. At Chapin Home for the Aging, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to delivering highly personalized care plans. Whether a senior is with us for short-term rehabilitation following an injury or illness or for long-term residential nursing, we stop at nothing to provide the targeted, detailed and all-encompassing care our residents deserve.
  • Quality Care for all. Chapin Home was founded on the strong philosophy of Dr Edwin Chapin – “what is your need, not your creed.” This sentiment still sits at the forefront of our beliefs, driving everything we do. As a not-for-profit organization, we believe that all seniors deserve an enjoyable retirement and access to the absolute best in nursing and rehabilitation care.
  • Holistic Care Delivered by Experts. Inspired by our mission to provide a true home for our residents, we believe that quality care goes beyond the surface level. At Chapin Home, we’re committed to meeting our residents’ every need. We’re proud to offer not only the absolute best in nursing and rehabilitation, but exemplary nutritional, cognitive, social and emotional support, too.
  • A Family Focused Approach. Family caregivers are important to us. After all, you know your loved one better than anyone. We strive to keep families as involved in the care of their loved one as possible, and will always encourage you to take an active role in the development of their personalized care plan. With more than 150 years of serving seniors, we understand that moving a parent or loved one to a nursing facility can be difficult. At Chapin Home, we’re here for the whole family. Whether you need help and advice or a simple chat, we’ll be there to offer all the support and encouragement you need.
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