Prevention Guidelines

Chapin Home makes infection control and prevention a top priority so that we can provide the best care for our patients, residents and staff. Learn more about our guidelines and protocols that ensure the highest standards of safety.

Our Prevention Guidelines

Chapin Home Infection Prevention & Control Guidelines

To ensure the continual safety and wellbeing of our patients, residents and staff, Chapin Home offers important prevention and control guidelines. These guidelines are recommendations by federal, state and local healthcare authorities for the protection of patients and staff essential to their care.

  • The facility is open for in room visitation & outdoor visits;
  • All visitors will be screened prior to entry to the facility using our Kiosk
  • Chapin Home is still offering Covid Test Kits and encourages all visitors to test before visiting
  • All staff are screened prior to entry to the facility and every 8 hours;
  • Any staff with a temp and/or cold symptoms are denied entry to the facility;
  • All direct care staff must wear a face mask while on duty;
  • Visitors are asked to wear a face mask when visiting in our home
  • Handwashing before and after direct contact is mandatory;
  • Chapin has ongoing in-services and training of staff on infection control, COVID-19, transmission-based precautions;
  • All residents that are able and understand the use of face covering continue to wear a face mask provided daily;
  • New and re-admissions are tested by the facility regardless of vaccination status;
  • Chapin Home continues to encourage social distancing of staff and residents.

Updated 11/28/2021, 03/08/2023, 01/10/2024

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